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Go Green. Go SOPO.

Citrus Scented Shampoo and Conditioner, Natural 'n Organic with Argan Oil in a Stick On Peel Off Dispenser

Made In America

100% Recyclable

Get Every Last Drop

Planet Friendly

SOPO is dedicated to the preservation of our planet with our eco-friendly, recylable pouches.  SOPO is better for you and better for our planet!

Quality Ingredients

Created just for SOPO, Spa De Soleil created formulas just for SOPO with the most natural ingredients and no additives, chemicals or dyes.

Stick On Peel Off

Introducing the world's first stick-on, peel-off dispenser for shampoo and conditioner, the SOPO pouch.  Simply peel off the adhesive backing, stick the pouch to your shower wall and it's ready to use.

No Drop Left Behind

Because of our unique thin walled packaging, you'll get every last drop of our quality-made formulas out of each pouch and our unique one-way valve won't drip.  


I love everything about the SOPO product. I love that I'm helping keep waste out of the landfills with their recyclable pouches.


Great design! I like how the pouches give me every last drop of my shampoo and conditioner. I'm no longer throwing my hard earned money away.


Why hasn't anyone thought of this before? It's genius. No more shampoo and conditioner bottles cluttering up my shower and I can feel good knowing I am helping the environment. Thanks SOPO.


We Give Because We Care.

With every purchase, you'll be helping prevent needless suicides committed by the brave men and women who have served our country.